my head fell off. bilge.world
good morning. you should read this. https://bilge.world/ios-15-family-review
lmao classic me!!! always the kooky one!
why is her big mouth so funny.
imagine being so obsessed with Google that you’d put this sign up at *your actual business* on the off-chance it’d use *your* carwash someday.
I have a ton of jokes like this that are only applicable with designers OR open source motherfuckers.
open source cellular data test platforms have been my favorite fair ride all along…
im sorry to bring it up again but why the fuck does #ftp have 3 BILLION views on The TikToking????
Shared With You might actually be the only truly-useful major feature coming in #iOS15 for regular people. Heads up cuz I’m seeing a lot of photos/videos to catch up on posting here!