my head fell off. bilge.world
my friend Zovi at Magfest 2017... can’t even begin to describe what an experience that was. the Gaylord will never be the same.
daaad... there’s something wrong with mickey.
tbt to when my friend bought... this. thanks snapchat for reminding me.
These Mean Streets
just go ahead and ban me.
ya know, I’ve never been all that worried about deepfakes for some reason. couldn’t tell ya why.
maybe it’s petty but my brain latches on to the little discrepancies every time I see this. singing to a mic and pop filter in an attempt to make it look like you’re actually recording vocals is somehow way more dishonest than just obviously lip syncing (which is fine.)
tbt to when ya had to make a timelapse the old-fashioned way. I mounted my Big Boy camera in the interior of my XJR and let it run for the first half of my gas station shift. gettting Vegas to condense 4 hours of 1080p video down to 15 seconds required like 5 passes of the time shift tool at max x. creating this one little video took my old PC and I like half a week in 2015 but the Glasper track made it more than worth it. (“The Consequences of Jealousy” from the first Black Radio album.)
I caught a chemtrail.