Hispaniciſt, obſeſed with hiſtory, cartooniſt wannabe, tacolander dude 🇪🇸🇮🇨🇪🇭🇬🇶
already 4 years in Twitter
sometimes drawing is the taste of hell so we better look upon bein saints.
I'm back
Al Bowlly – Heartaches (Caſtilian cover). I tried my beſt to ſing it properly in the full verſion but I ſtill have a long way to go.
I'm a birb
I ſpent an entire Google meet claſs writing random ſtuff and doodling until ſomething came to my mind: behold... my fruſtration over online claſſes and not underſtanding anything.
another drawing proceſs
ſome drawing proceſs
the drawing proceſs of my dino furſona
drawing again my penguin character