Snack-Content Creator from Germany. I create & produce for brands & companies. All video footage is from me. IG: @koelnkomm
Under the apple tree šŸ
Mozart: Quartet for four car tires #porsche
Morning mist #soothingsunday
Thunderstorm on a #SinisterSaturday āš°ļø Bad thing. @TheGreatJballz
Have you already installed the new shoe app? šŸ‘ŸšŸ‘Ÿ
Watch out what you dream šŸ˜“ Today is #SinisterSaturday @TheGreatJballz
Hi guys, Iā€™m Franz-Josef from koelnkomm in Cologne/Germany
The magic stairs šŸ“¶
A day in the life of a German doctor in the slums of Calcutta šŸ©ŗ #GermanDoctors
Man with dog. #LoopForGinger @The_Ginger (Artwork: Tony Munzlinger)