Community Guidelines

Version 1.1

Byte is dedicated to building tools and communities around the possibility of new experiences. That's why it's our mission to put creativity first in all that we do. As humans living among other humans in a complicated world, we believe that creative, playful contact with others helps us tap into our collective potential.

In the interest of keeping our community a safe and supportive one, this document lays out a framework for what does and doesn't fly on byte. It's driven by our values as people and citizens and it's a work in progress, which means we'll update it as we learn from experience and from you.

The fate of this community is up to us. Each of us is responsible for upholding the health and safety of the relationships we form, on platforms and in our real lives. You can do your part on byte by reporting any activity you see that violates these rules. We have a number of ways we can enforce them that include, but aren't limited to: asking someone to stop and/or make a change, limiting the visibility of their content, removing their content, suspending their account temporarily or permanently, or banning them from the community altogether. The steps we end up taking will be informed by the severity of the situation and the person's history on byte.

We look forward to the chance to grow this community together. The first and most important thing we ask of everyone is to:

Be respectful.

Existing in a community is all about mutual respect. Disagreements and criticism are fine. So is constructive feedback. But please keep conversations and interactions civil.

Don't be a creep.

Don't abuse the privilege of connecting with others to send harassing or demeaning messages, sexualized compliments, or unwelcome advances. Don't post anyone's private information or content without their consent. If someone blocks you, don't attempt to contact them from another account.

Don't be a bot (or act like one).

Don't engage in repeated, unwanted, or unsolicited interactions that negatively impact the members of this community, whether automated or manual. No spammy links or dubious offers, either.

Be authentic.

Everything you make on byte belongs to you. Only post stuff that you yourself make. Usernames are provided for genuine use and enjoyment by the members of this community. Don't squat or hoard them. Don't pretend to be anyone else, whether it's a person, brand, or organization. Make it clear when you're parodying something. Oh, and deepfakes must be clearly labeled as such.

We respect intellectual property and expect you to follow copyright and trademark laws.

Please see our copyright policy for more information.

Follow your local laws.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but we figured we'd say it anyway: If it's illegal, it's not allowed on byte. This can include, but isn't limited to: offering to buy or sell firearms, ammunition, or explosives, and promoting the use of hard drugs or attempting to sell or distribute them.

Don't exploit the community or the app.

Let's be fair to everyone out here doing their thing. Don't trade rebytes or mentions for money. Don't artificially manipulate or inflate popularity or encourage others to do so. Cliquey, system-gamey behavior for personal or financial gain will not be tolerated. Don't abuse app functionality, post malicious content, or interfere with the normal use of byte.

Keep content appropriate for a diverse audience.

Nudity and pornography are not allowed on byte. Don't post content showing sexual acts, genitals, close-ups of fully-nude butts, female nipples (except in cases of breastfeeding or discussing post-surgery scarring). Animated content of this nature is also not allowed.

We are deeply committed to the safety of children and will not tolerate predatory or grooming behavior. Don't post content showing nude or partially nude children, regardless of intention.

A word about this policy: Our nudity ban is not a value judgment. While we are very aware of the potential for platforms to be used for sex trafficking and abuse, we are also very aware of the impact that policies like these have on equality, body- and sex-positivity, sex-worker rights, and artistic expression. Ideally we end up in a place where legal, consensual, artful nudity is allowed, but we want to be careful about how we get there. To do a good job on this, we need more resources than we currently have (literally money and people) to help us resolve difficult cases of consensuality and legality. We feel a responsibility to get this right, which is why we're casting a somewhat wide net in the meantime.

Cruelty, violence, and hate have no place here.

Don't harass or bully anyone on byte. Don't target people to threaten, degrade, or shame them for any reason, but especially on the basis of their race, religion, gender, orientation, and/or ability. Don't make demeaning comparisons.

Don't promote hateful or extremist ideologies, as well as terrorism or terrorist groups. Don't use hate speech or symbols like swastikas or white power hand signs.

Don't post anything containing extreme graphic violence or gore, encouraging violence or attacks on anyone based on who they are, depicting or promoting spousal, child, or animal abuse.

We have zero tolerance when it comes to the mistreatment (sexual or otherwise) of intimate partners, children, and animals.

Don't promote self injury, including but not limited to: suicide, cutting, and eating disorders. You may share your experiences to raise awareness or provide support around these issues, but be mindful not to glorify or encourage these behaviors in doing so.

Don't participate in reckless stunts or challenges or encourage others to participate in dangerous activities that could lead to harm.

Facts are our friends.

Don't make false claims or spread harmful disinformation that could impact the public's safety or ability to exercise their own self-determination.

A word about this policy: While our goal as a company is to do our part to mitigate false claims, identify harmful and misleading content, and equip our community with helpful information, it is also important for all of us on the web to cultivate a healthy skepticism of opinion and partisanship. Search for related articles from reputable news organizations and academic sources to fact check claims you see. While browsing byte, remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

When in doubt, communicate.

This applies just as much to byte the company as it does to byte the community. Reality is full of paradoxes and situations that aren't always clear-cut or straightforward. Some subjectivity may be required. Sensitive subjects will find their way into our little haven of short videos, but where you can, do your best to label your content or warn your audience so that your intentions are clear. We will try our best to look at situations as humans would rather than through a checklist, then communicate the reasons behind any actions we take, as well as changes to any of our policies.

If you ever have any questions about your own stuff or anyone else's, or just want to discuss these policies, you can reach us at